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Mirissa.Com and MirissaBeach.Com are always under construction and we are always trying to keep the site as up to date as possible. During the next few months we will be updating the information and adding more Guesthouses and Restaurants. Currently this site had a major update and new images were addes in january 2010.

I welcome feedback and constructive ideas and comments. If you want to share your photos of Mirissa or the surrounding area with the rest of the world then just send them in and if they are decent enough we will post them.
Please make sure that the images belong to you and secondly that you don’t mind if I scrawl Mirissa.com on them. If you do see an image on this site that is copyrighted by you or owned by you please let me know and I will remove it as soon as possible.

The Photo of “Jimmy the Dog on Tsunami Watch” was taken by Isabel ( aka Mooch ) who has not stopped reminding me of the fact for over 4 years now. Even though it was with my camera and I pointed the great shot out to her, she still claims it as hers.
Jimmy the dog was a vicious little bastard who tried to bite me and many other people on many occasions.Anyway Jimmy survived the Tsunami but didn’t survive his close encounter with the Colombo intercity bus. Jimmy did not get the bus but the bus got him.

sandy beaches in sri lanka


I am only human so its possible that you will find some errors or mistakes on this site. Please bring them to my attention and I will make the correction or change as soon as possible.

Due to the current changing security situation bus timetables and availability will change. Getting to and from the Airport will always be possible but leave early and treble check any information you are given.
The Guesthouse mentioned above will always be open and it might not be a bad idea to contact them ahead of time to ask about transportation ( bus and taxi options ) to and from Mirissa.

Prices will always go up, that is a fact of life sadly. On a brighter note the Sri Lankan Rupee always seems to loose value against most of the big currencies so things work out mostly the same.
This is a non profit site set up to help the good and honest businesses in Mirissa get on their feet again after the Tsunami. In fact keeping the site hosted and the domain names current is costly. If you do visit a business because you read about it, tell them please. If you holiday is made just that little bit easier because of the information I have provided then please tell me.

Assuming that I have access to the internet or access to a computer you can hopefully contact me at MirissaBeach@yahoo.Com

If you are looking for a reply please allow at least 2-3 weeks.

Enjoy Mirissa and Mirissa Beach and remember to have lots of extra luggage space so you can bring home all the good memories with you.

I nearly forgot, you gotta say this these days sadly. All Images and Text on this website are the copyrighted property of Mirissa.Com / MirissaBeach.Com and its creator and webmaster. No images may be reproduced, downloaded, printed or electronicially altered or text copied, edited or used on any other media outlet, internet website or printed matter without the express written permission of its copyrighted owners.

Certain images are for sale, please contact me for more information.
All or most images are un-retouched and were shot using a CANON 20D in 10 megapixels.