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Mirissa is not only famous for its beautiful sandy beach, people also rave about the variety and availability of great seafood in its restaurants.

Mirissa has its own fishing harbor and every day boats come back from 2 weeks of fishing close to the Maldives with their hulls bursting with everything imaginable. If it swims anywhere in the warm Indian Ocean, you can surely find it on a restaurant menu somewhere in Mirissa.
Remember that everything is seasonal and fresh off the boat so its best to order early in the morning especially if its something like fresh Lobster you crave.
Besides Seafood , many of Mirissas restaurants serve a variety of Western dishes and tasty Sri Lankan vegetarian curries .

Dine in one of the many restaurants in the Guesthouses or have a romantic dinner under the light of the moon on the beach at one of the many popular places that set up just before sunset.

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Ocean Moon Restaurant
Telephone: (94)41-22-52328          Mobile: ( 94 ) 777-190-152         Skype: oceanmoon46

Ocean Moon RestaurantSirri the Owner is a bit of a master chief . Both he and Lela his Cook can create mouth watering wonders in their small kitchen.
His motto is : if it is not on the menu and he has the ingredients , he will make it for you .
He is also always interested in learning to cook new things and is willing to let you show him how if there is something from home you are craving. He has just built a new larger kitchen with the help of his German friend so everything runs most efficiently now.

Ocean Moon Restaurant is known for having access to a large variety of Seafood . Sirri is from the area and knows when and where to get most types of seafood. Nothing served here comes from the freezer , it is all bought fresh off the boats in the morning.
It is best to order the night before if it is something special you want from the seafood menu.

You have not lived until you have eaten Lobster and Jumbo Prawns at Ocean Moon . Sirri guards his cooking techniques and marinades well and you will understand why after you take your first bite.

Grab a few friends together, order a Tuna or a Butterfish and have a few cool beers watching the magnificent sunset while you sit and wait for the meal of your life .

You would be surprised at how affordable a good meal here is compared to home.

Not everyone is a fan of Seafood and if you want to try a vegetarian Sri Lankan rice and curry, here is the place to do it .
Do not be scared off by the use of the word curry, it is not the same thing that you are used to from the Indian take-away. Its not spicy at all, in fact it can be sweet because fresh coconut milk is used a lot. A rice and curry dinner also comprises of RICE believe it or not and many small side dished..
The locals have survived on it for generations and eat it almost everyday.

You should try it at least once and our bet is that you will be following Sirri to the kitchen trying to find the secrets to making it.

General Information

sirri sri lanka Location : The center of the beach with access by road or from the beach
Contact : Sirri
Telephone : 041-2252328 / 0777-190-152
+94 is the country code for Sri Lanka.
Email :
Reservations : Not required but if its seafood you crave, book 24 hours in advance.
Alcohol : Chilled beers + soft drinks available always and Sirri can whip up most cocktails.
Wine also available upon request.
Skype : oceanmoon46

Specialties : Sirri can cook a Lobster better than anyone from Maine can. His grilled prawns, grilles or fried tuna or butterfish have me mopping up my keyboard here at the thought of them. He can turn out an amazing rice and curry ( veg / non veg ) and of course he serves all the standard Western food.

Stop by and check out the menu or take a break from the sun in the middle of the day and have a cool beer in the shade.

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